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Be part of making 20 by 2020 a reality!

Whether you are a self-proclaimed bicyclist or simply someone who hops on a bike for a Sunday ride from time to time, bicycling is something that you enjoy. The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin and many community leaders across Madison, have launched the 20by2020 Campaign to provide bicycle supporters like you the chance to help move bicycling forward in our community.

The goal of the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin’s 20by2020 campaign is to unite 10,000 Madisonians in an effort to create a Madison where tens of thousands of residents and visitors make bicycling an integral part of their daily life. We want an innovative bicycle system that encourages 20% of all the trips in Madison are made by bicycle by the year 2020.

In the cities across the world where bicycling is truly a part of every day routine, the quality of life is incredibly high. Take Munster, Germany for example. In Munster, 35% of all trips taken are made by bike. Compared to Madison, where only 3% of trips are by bike. For decades, Munster has invested in bicycle paths, policy and promotion to encourage cycling for daily transportation. By developing a robust bicycle system that makes women, children, and seniors feel safe on a bike, Munster is now rated among the top cities in the world for quality of life.

Imagine a Madison where 20% of trips are made by bike by 2020. This would be nearly 6 times the amount of bicycling currently happening! When we achieve 20by2020, our kids will be healthier and happier bicycling to school. Our roadways will be safer and less congested. Our community will feel more vibrant and active.

We can achieve 20by2020 if we unite together. We need you to pledge your support of achieving our vision of 20by2020. The Bike Fed will keep you updated on local bicycling news, fun bicycling events, and exciting new bike paths and bike boulevards. Signing your name is simple, but the impact of 10,000 supporters is significant. Sign today.

2 comments to Be part of making 20 by 2020 a reality!

  • It was great that German people had taken 35% of bike trips. The aim of Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin’s 20by2020 campaign is to bring together 10,000 Madisonians to create Madison where thousands of visitors and residents make bicycle as their integral part of daily life.

  • We are not going to get that many folks commuting by bike in a 100 years unless we get a lot better bike specific infrastructure. The city has shown a few moments of vision as of late. The new intersection at Regent and Monroe, the bike boulevard on East Mifflin, the new Cannonball mixed use path being built, and a few other tidbits are good starts, but there’s a long way to go. On street bike lanes are showing there limitations for attracting new cyclist.

    In order to get much beyond 3% we are going to need a lot more mixed use paths, bicycle boulevards, and start building cycle tracks. Heaven forbid but we may actually have to take away some on street parking to make room for bike users. All the education and cheerleading means nothing if folks don’t feel safe when they’re on a bike. Cycling on the bike lane on East Washington with SUV’s going by at 35 mph simple doesn’t work for the majority of present and potential bike users.

    If we really push it we may be able to get a few more percentage points, but I don’t see the commitment by the city to make the 20% mark even close to happening. We are struggling now just to get a few more miles of mixed use paths which are by far the most popular type of bike infrastructure in the city. It’s a nice dream but without the infrastructure to back it up it’s not going to happen.